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Flower Care Tips

Flower Care Tips

  • Recut flower stems under water with a sharp knife.  Remove a half inch to one inch portion of the stem, plus any leaves that will be below the water line.
  • Always keep flowers in a cool location—away from heat, drafts and direct sunlight.
  • Use floral preservative, available from Village Florist to make your flowers last longer.
  • Without preservative, recut flower stems, change the water, and clean container daily.


Floral Arrangements

  • Add water daily to bouquets arranged in floral foam.
  • Place arrangements in cool place away from heat, drafts and direct sunlight.


Flowers to Wear

  • Carry corsages and other body flowers in the florist’s box to your destination.  Pin or put them on once you’re inside.
  • Guard flowers from sudden exposure to cold air.
  • Always wear flowers blossoms up, stems down.


Green & Blooming Plant Tips

  • Follow directions on the plant card or ask Village Florist for complete plant care instructions.
  • Place plants near a window with eastern or southern exposure.
  • For green plants, use artificial light when natural light is not available.
  • Do not place plants over radiators or in drafts.
  • Keep the humidity in the room as high as possible for blooming plants.
  • Thoroughly wet all of the soil and allow excess water to run out of draining holes.  Plants should never sit in water.
  • Blooming plant soil should be moist; inspect soil moisture daily.
  • Water requirements for green plants vary; check the soil moisture weekly.
  • Avoid using softened water.
  • Avoid sprinkling water directly on leaves.
  • Plants grow best with proper light and moisture, adequate temperatures and a little plant food.  Use fertilizer only when plants are actively growing.