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Village Lights Soy Candles

Village Lights Soy Candles was born out of our love for candles.  There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t have a candle burning in our home.  Each candle is hand poured right here in Northwood, Iowa.  Knowing the pride and care with which we cVillage Lights Soy Candlesarry out our floral business, our customers did not hesitate to trust our judgment on soy candles.  The patented soy wax we use in our candles was 10 years in the making, therefore, we feel that this is the best of the best.  People love the idea of natural wax and a cotton wick in their candles.  The scent thrown in our soy candles is fantastic!

Check out all the different colors and scents of Village Lights Soy Candles.

Unlike paraffin candles which contain 11 documented toxins, soybean wax is so completely non-toxic that the raw wax is actually edible, and food can be safely cooked in it.

Candles have been a symbol of welcome, hospitality and celebration for time immemorial.  The use of soybean wax has created new economic growth for the agricultural sector.

soy candleSoybean wax is clean burning.  These soot free natural candles will not damage your carpets or walls with black soot.

Soybean wax is water soluble and can be easily extracted from glass, tin and other material for effective recycling.  The wax in these new clean burning candles is made from vegetable oil direct from safe, food grade sources.

Soy candles make perfect gifts.  They are available in votive and assorted jar sizes.  We will ship anywhere in the world.  Bring in your favorite container and we will be happy to fill it for you for your burning pleasure.

Available in votive and assorted jar sizes, a variety of scents are available.  The scents are divided into five tantalizing categories.  Please view the scents and color page for a description and the color for each scent in each category.  Various candle accessories are also available.