Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Travel Guide

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Travel Guide

All-night music, tropical weather, beaches, and many years of amazing history make Santo Domingo an intoxicating destination and a favorite winter go-to spot for friends of mine who run Edmonton Mudjacking during the summers. Not only is it the capital city of the Dominican Republic but it is also the Caribbean’s largest city by population. Whether you want to dive into Latin American energetic, exciting metropolis, satisfy your thirst for historical knowledge, or you just want to soak up some sunshine, Santo Domingo is the best place to visit. Here are the top things to do in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Ciudad Colonial

At the heart of the first city in America, this time-worn cathedral sets the tone for Zona Colonial. Tourists board the Chu Chu Colonial train from Parque Colon to get to the most spectacular sights. Remember to visit the oldest military construction in this region, Fort Ozama – it’s also an ancient sixteenth-century castle. The Alcazar de Colon is another must-see sight – you can explore this opulent palace from tip to toe. Also, the National Pantheon is an amazing stop on the way.

Parquet Nacional Los Tres Ojos

This tropical wonder will definitely blow your mind. It is one of the Dominican Republic’s most visited attractions. This national park is located in the middle of the city’s urban sprawl. Open-air caves formed many years ago lie at the small patch of green’s heart. Visitors are welcome to explore the freshwater pools and network of arches until they are satisfied.


Santo Domingo’s seaside stretch is always brimming with both tourists and locals. The pier starts at the Ozama River’s mouth and stretches out into the open sea. People from different backgrounds come to stroll promenade both night and day, but particularly epic is sunsets.

Jardin Botanico Nacional

The Caribbean’s most celebrated and largest botanical gardens are found in this area, and they are unmissable when you visit this capital city. The native plants here offer excellent insight into the flora of this island, and introduces tourists to species have never seen before. Also, there is a real Japanese garden and a wide variety of orchids that will definitely dazzle.

Mercado Modelo

Local treats, specialties, and crafts can all be seen in this one breathtaking place on the Zona Colonial outskirts. Whether you are looking for high-quality amber jewelry, unique liquors, Cuban and Dominican cigars, or Caribbean artwork, this is the perfect place to shop. When you visit Mercado Modelo, not only will you walk away with souvenirs you will treasure for life, but you will also leave with the memories of this historic marketplace.